Cody Mims's Amazing Technicolor Portfolio

"Stock Watcher" dashboard showing various stocks and details about them

Stock Watcher

Vue 3 | Svelte 3, SvelteKit

  • Web app to add stock tickers to a dashboard
  • Made in two different frameworks from a publically viewable spec
  • Automatic dark/light theme based on system settings
"Text Reverser" page with a box that prompts the user to enter text they want reversed

Vanilla Frontend Showcase

Vanilla JavaScript and CSS

  • Simple web pages, designed by me, made with no frameworks
  • Two great examples, Odd Number Generator and Text Reverser
  • Perfect Lighthouse scores
"King Fortress" logo over chess board

King Fortress

chess.js, chessboard.js

  • Browser-based chess variant where almost every piece has a new special power
  • Based on my own forks of popular JavaScript chess libraries
  • 2-player local multiplayer
Screenshot of game with the player character standing in a bank with many, many pieces of gold behind the counter. They are looking at one piece of gold and the teller is saying "That gold is for display only."


RPG Maker MV

  • A 2D adventure with minimal challenge and a sense of surprise
  • Made in a month for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017 game jam
  • A wacky cast of characters to keep you entertained